My name is Amber and this blog is about the journey of my husband J, stepson L, stepdaughter M, and daughter N to a more meaningful life! This blog is a way to channel the many thoughts that circle my mind and need an escape. Topics will include everything from minimalism to montessori to being a (step) parent, student, and stay at home mother. We also strive to eat clean, so you may seem some paleo-inspired posts.

We are interested in minimalism for the serenity and freedom it brings, but also recognize that alterations must be made for minimalism to be reasonable for a family of five. We are also on the journey to implementing the principles of Maria Montessori into our home and into the academic life of our children. Montessori and minimalism aren’t always compatible- Montessori requires a lot of hands-on materials. But we feel it’s imperative that we inspire a true understanding and love of learning in our children.

It can be daunting to look at blogs centered on Montessori or minimalism. They seem to be written mostly by people who are already well on their journey; it can be hard for a newbie to know where to start. Feel free to join J and I on our journey, as we reduce our clutter and rearrange our life in all aspects. You’ll see how we’re choosing to do it, step by step.


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