Checking In

It’s been awhile since I checked in. This summer we’ve made a lot of changes- we’ve moved back up near the airport, a better location for us, and enrolled L and M in a Montessori school that goes up to eighth grade. N is nearly 10 months and is walking, chattering (“up!” “uh-oh!”), and generally letting her opinions be known. The summer was a crazy event in which we sold and donated at least a third of our possessions to ease our move and contribute to a simpler lifestyle. The bad news is our house hasn’t sold yet, so we’re currently paying two mortgages. My husband J has started a new job just this week and I’ve started grad school, semester 2 of 12. So it’s crazy here.

I have a lot of thoughts on my mind that I will try to address in the next few blogs posts. Look for posts on:

  • Montessori “in-progress” – managing my perfectionist tendencies as I create a montessori environment at home
  • The stay-at-home stigma
  • DIY montessori- Cup and Egg, Object Permanence Box with ball, Object permanence drawer with coin, weaning/cube chair/table, Montessori shelf
  • Being respectfully secular (non-religious) in a non-secular (religious) environment
  • Santa Claus and other fantasies we create for our children

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