First Steps

On New Years my friend K asked me what my resolution was. It wasn’t about my job, my weight, or any of the normal stuff. I told her I wanted to have meaningful experiences with the people in my life. That’s all.

Since then I’ve left my job (and I loved working) to stay at home with my infant, my husband has left his job to work in our home office as a contractor, and my step daughter has left La Petite to be home with me. And to top it all off, my bright, awesome, kind stepson is having trouble in kindergarten- and I have to think it’s because he’s bored. This is a kid who loves math but gets in trouble in math club every day. Talk about experiences!

All this time together in our house has helped my husband and I to realize that we aren’t living the life we want to be. Our 4 bedroom house with two living areas, basement, and two car garage has started to seem overwhelming when we’re actually in them every day. And the STUFF that builds up is just incredible.

We’re in search of a different life. A simpler life in a simpler environment that encourages connection and experiences. Right now, for us, our environment detracts from that ability. Not to mention our expenses. So we need a change and so do the kids. We want to have the extra funds to DO things instead of have stuff. We want to be able to send the kids to a school that lights a fire in them, a love of learning- even if it’s more expensive. Yet right now our utilities, mortgage, and purchases just make that impossible.

So we’re going to try minimalism…or, as I read somewhere “MinimalISH”. We’re going to explore Montessori for the kids. And we’re going to focus on having experiences together- meaningful experiences. Because I don’t want my kids to remember childhood as seeing the back of my head as I clean dishes and bark at them to pick up toys.


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